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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 29, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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teachers. and after an explosive day of testimony from barry bonds, former mist tress, that is, a few heavy-hitters will take the stand. i'll tell you what to expect on day six of his perjury trial coming up. and a live look outside at the bay bridge, really nice temperatures on tap for this tuesday, march 29th, "today in the bay." . good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. it is 6:00. i'm scott mcgrew. brent has the day off today. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll look at the forecast for this morning, a nice one. oh, yes, very nice forecast. all week long we'll see the sunshine and see our temperatures climb a little bit each and every day. today we are talking about the 70s in inland locations. the reason why, high pressure. you can see clouds arcing up and around that amplified ridge.
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a few clouds are coming through spilling through the section of low pressure impacting the pacific northwest. that's the biggest difference between yesterday and today. more cloud cover, but wait until you see your extended forecast coming up in a little bit. it looks really good. we'll find out how good we are looking on the roadways with mike inouye. not so good. the maze is all right, but heading south of the here, look at this sig alert continuing until 9:00 a.m. that's the latest we have from chp. the connector, let me show you this live, it is closed to 238. all the folks are funneling off of 880. the connector is reportedly closed but people are getting by. one lane is how you access that. so you may be better off heading south of there getting over to lewelling. it sounds like a big rig ran into the side rail there. the big rig was moved but they have to do repair work. this could be a big problem over the next half hour. we'll send it back to you. breaking news we are following this morning. the fire department is at the scene of a refinery fire. it is happening at the evergreen oil refinery on smith avenue in newark. the fire department says the
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fire is a two-alarm so far and has 13 trucks at the scene. we sent our chopper to the seen to give you kind of the aerial look. we understand a sulfuric acid tank exploded. we have one confirmed injury so far. a crew is headed there on the ground as well. we'll bring you the information as we get it. new developments this morning regarding the disaster in japan. officials discovered highly toxic plutonium seeping out of the nuclear plant. the plutonium was detected in small amounts in several spots outside of the plant. safety officials say the amounts are not a risk to humans outside the immediate area. but the suspicions are that the plant is leaking this dangerous substance as well as water. three of the complex's six reactors are believed to have partially melted down. crews still struggling to remove radioactive water. a contra costa sheriff's
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deputy shot and killed an antioch man after making a traffic stop. it happened on hanlon way and mountain view avenue in bay point early yesterday morning. two deputies stopped 24-year-old johnny ochoa for a traffic stop. when they ran a check on him they found hi allegedly had given them a false name. they later learned he was wanted for child endangerment and vandalism. ochoa hit a deputy trying to get away. that's when he was shot. he later died at a hospital. a san jose motorcycle officer is in the hospital this morning after a hit-and-run driver crashed into him at a busy intersection. officer deblon creighton was following a speeder driver yesterday afternoon as he approached the intersection of alma avenue and south first street. he ended up crashing into a different car. police say the driver of a light blue honda accord cut creighton off causing the crash. the driver took off and creighton was rushed to santa clara medical center.
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we don't know his condition this morning. a man who admits to killing chauncey bailey returns to the witness stand this morning. devandre broussard said yesterday that yusef bay iv ordered him to kill chauncey bailey back in 2007. broussard says mackey was more of an accomplice than a mastermind. he agreed to testify in return for a lighter sentence. an unusual courtroom twist this morning. closing arguments will be reopened today in the trial of alex youshock, the teen who carried out a pipe bomb attack at hillsdale high school. jurors are deadlocked on two counts against the 18-year-old, including the attempted murder of a security guard. so the judge is giving lawyers a second chance to make their case. the jury has already found youshock guilty in five other felony counts including trying to kill a chemistry teacher and
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setting off the pipe bombs. once all the verdicts are in it will be up to the jury to decide whether youshock is sane. day six of the barry bonds' perjury trial is bringing major league names to the stand as the prosecution tries to convince the jury the home run king lied under oath. today's witnesses follow yesterday's damaging testimony from bonds' former mistress. marla tellez is live at the federal courthouse in san francisco with a preview of what is ahead. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning, laura. today it is all about using some former and one currentpro ballplayer to prove that barry bond did lie to the federal grand jury back in 2003 when he said he never knowingly took steroids. the prosecution will call brothers jason and jeremy giambi to the stand today. also mlb retiree randy vallarti, all played for the oakland a's and all were linked to using
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steroids. jason giambu publicly apologized for using steroids. they are all to say they received steroids from bonds' trainer greg anderson. today follows yesterday's personal testimony from kimberly bell. she was bonds' girlfriend from 1994 to 2003. she went into detail about the drastic transformation she noticed in bonds' body and personality. everything from acne on his neck and back to vicious mood swings. all known symptoms of steroid use. the defense attacked bell attempting to paint her as a hurt ex-lover looking the capitalize on their relationship. >> she was your mistress, she was your girlfriend. she was in your inner circle for nine years and now you are going 180 and saying that she can't be believed about anything. >> reporter: also expected to be called today, a quest diagnostics laboratory
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representative to talk about one of bonds' yes, your honor samples from 2003. and the head trainer will also be called to testify. a lot lined up today in day six of the barry bonds trial. we'll have a crew inside covering today's proceedings. court gets underway at 8:30. >> it is interesting, i have heard so far bonds shows no reaction to any of it. thank you, marla. people affected by the san bruno gas explosion will have nearby places to seek help in medical care. a ceremony to open the city's downtown resource and recovery center starts later this afternoon. it will provide caseworkers, mental health services and educational information. the red cross along with the peninsula health care district are going to fund that center. a weekend snowboarding trip ends in tragedy for a san jose man. the body of phillip walker was found sunday near the sierra at tahoe ski resort at south lake
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tahoe. walker was snowboarding with his brother and friend saturday night when he disappeared. elderado county investigators say he ran into a tree and was buried by several feet of snow. they are not sure which killed him. the hercules city council will consider declaring a local emergency tonight after a large landslide. it damaged four homes and others are in jeopardy. they are all on carson street. the hill behind the homes is still moving pushing the buildings closer to the street. crews will be in the area today to try to brace the homes, four of them were red tagged last week, four others yellow tagged yesterday. unfortunately, the weather is getting warmer with no more rain. >> it is cooperating for the moment. now we'll certainly see the warm up. yeah, you know, after all the rain last week i'm sure somebody is going to complain once it hits about 85 degrees later on this week. that's always the case. can't please all the people. now this morning we are pleasing most people. it is not all that cold out there. cold enough to where you need a
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jacket. we have a little bit of patchy fog, but visibilities across the board are greater than seven miles. we are not concerned about that just yet, but we'll keep watching it for you. high pressure is moving in. this is what we call a big blocking ridge of high pressure because it blocks all the system's low pressure making its way into california. that's going to be the case. it will be taking it to canada heading into the coming days with high pressure setting up shop over the bay area. peak heat on thursday. that's when the ridge will be at its strongest. and for us that means some temperatures across the bay area will not only break and shatter records, we could see 90s. yes, the possibility is actually likely in some cities up in the north bay that tend to get much warmer. now, for the peninsula, this is about that time of year when we see that separation of temperatures. at the coast you are probably going to hit 75 degrees. at the maximum heat of the week, that is, but still, inland locations, if you live in livermore and commute to san francisco, you'll be seeing
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those extremes from 87 degrees in livermore back to about 75 on the peninsula. right now we are in the 40s, 47 in livermore. we'll turn over to the upper 50s heading throughout this afternoon. and stay tuned, i'll let you know just how warm it is going to be. really, we have traded in that hazy shade of winter for walking on sunshine in the 80s. over to you, mike. let's look out here, we have an accident and some backup because of this. look at this. sig alert going on for southbound 880. this is also coming off the right side, this is the washington boulevard on-ramp. now washington can get on to the freeway, but you can't get on to 880 from washington. that's coming out of san leandro. get over to lewelling to southbound 880. this is slowing right at the scene. our photographer steve took a look at the backup from the van. from time to time the backup gets a few hundred yards but it is not a big deal so far. so the traffic is starting to build coming out of oakland through san leandro. it could be an issue over the texas half hour as things start to build coming through the
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area. here's what we are dealing with here, the area approaching 92, not a problem off 880. the volume is holding up steady out of oakland. castro valley, a little slowing on redwood road in the westbound direction. here's where it is kicking in, it will get hot here today. slower approaching northland road with a 61. slower again through livermore itself. a live look at the bay bridge shows the volume starting to increase a bit, but no major issues. again, 880 is the big problem. also, 880 past newark, the fire you are talking about, it could be a distraction as the sun comes up with the smoke. back to you. still to come on "today in the bay" this morning -- >> well, two volunteers from two bay area schools are helping uncover a big discovery in castroville. and find out who wants pg&e to pay out more money in the san bruno explosion. you are looking at live pictures of a refinery fire. it is a two-alarm fire. a sulfuric acid tank has
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exploded. there are no shelter orders we are a ware of andoinjuries. we'll have a report coming back. lcome home, babe. [silence] i have some interesting news. how should i put this? remember that romantic dinner last weekend? you know what? i'm just going to say it. twins! [falls over] thump (tots) papa? ancr: potatoes love tillamook. voted the world's best medium cheddar cheese.
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welcome back, everyone. we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of newark where the fire department is at the scene of evergreen oil refinery because there has been an explosion of sulfuric acid. one person has been injured so far. fire crews have certainly descended on the scene there with at least 13 trucks there now. we have a crew headed to the ground to give us a live report coming up. state and local leaders want a tougher stance on a settlement reached with pg&e. kamila harris and bay area officials are asking state regulators to increase a $3 million settlement with the
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utility. pg&e agreed to the deal last thursday after testifying before the state's public utilities commission on pipe safety. last september eight people died, 38 homes were destroyed after a gas explosion from a faulty underground pipe. 6:15 right now. the san mateo county board of supervisors is getting ready to make massive cuts. today is the first of three days of hearings about budget cuts. that i plan to cut $50 million from programs and services but that won't be enough to prevent another deficit next year. proposed cuts include eliminating 270 jobs, shutting down a substance abuse treatment program for adults and closing a home for abused and neglected children. some employees have already agreed to reduced pensions, health care benefits and salaries. san carlos firefighters now ready to take a 10% pay cut as the city weighs in on the future of the department. april 1st is the deadline for the city to decide. several fire service proposals
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are being considered. they run a joint fire department that end this october. the report shows the department is the second highest paid out of 13 agencies in the county. >> a discovery of mammoth proportions south of us in castroville. take a look at the remains of not one but two columbian mammoths found on a farm. the columbian mammoth is a relative of the wooly mammoth. right now the remains are being uncovered by volunteers from santa clara university and foothill college. >> it never occurs to most people that underneath the ground there could be an ice age animal right there. >> remains are an adult mammoth and a baby. the farmer who owns the land has naming rights for the mammoths and named the adult stella and the baby addi. fine columbia mammoths. >> in castroville with artichokes. >> delicious. >> i'm ready for the farmer's markets. spring has sprung. we have to get out there to enjoy it, christina.
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it is bizarre to think underneath this here ground an ice age mammal could be. very fascinating. this morning we are not talking about the ice age, we are talking about a significant warm up. and it is going to get even better as we head through tomorrow. might be a little hot for some people on thursday. right now we are watching your visibility levels coming down across the board. so patchy fog is developing, especially in the north bay. that could become problematic getting closer and closer to rush hour. filtered sunshine throughout the morning and a building breeze. we'll see the winds pick up this afternoon. we have a system of low pressure to our north and high pressure building into the south. the two combine, a tight pressure gradient. breezy conditions continue. the warming trend kicks off today and into high gear tomorrow. high pressure is the reason why, it is getting closer and closer to us. heading from wednesday into thursday it will set up right over the bay area. that will drive the offshore very warm down-sloping winds. so that's why it is going to be really warm in some cities.
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it could reach 90 degrees shattering temperature records. that's what we are anticipating. now for today you are going to get the best of the transition as we transition into spring. low 70s today at the coast. we are talking about the upper 40s there right now. we'll make way to the 60s. by noon you are peeling off a layer. take a look at the noon temperature up in santa rosa. 65 degrees. 64 degrees in fairfield. and we even have the 60s anticipated in the south bay. so it will be a pretty nice day around here, but you have to wait and find out. 68 degrees in redwood city. we haven't seen temperatures like this in quite some time. once you feel them you'll be enjoying them. 80 degrees on thursday. 80 on friday. then we'll cool off a bit as the system makes its way to the north of us saturday into sunday. i think it is just going to drive more clouds into the area and bring back that onshore flow. but overall, i don't think we are going to see much in terms of rainfall, maybe just light scattered showers in the north bay. thank you much. the time is 6:18.
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the guy who was there at the beginning of twitter is coming back. we'll have that story and more in tech today. and as we follow the sig alert in the east bay, we have some sudden slowing in the south bay. along at with that, i'll tell you why i think this is happening coming up. in the meantime, we are keeping our eyes on the breaking news out of newark this morning. a refinery fire at the evergreen oil refinery. one injury to re s versus toyota. which is better?
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welcome back. we are following breaking news of a refinery fire in newark. we have the chopper on the scene to bring you these incredible live pictures this morning. several firefighters are there trying to battle an explosion. a sulfuric tank with acid exploded. so far we are aware of one person injured. we are, of course, getting the information coming in to our newsroom very rapidly. we'll bring it to you as we have a crew headed to the ground as well. it is 6:22 right now. also some news of an accident in the south bay this morning. mike has a look at the morning commute. >> that's right, laura. good morning. we have a slowing i showed you, this is northbound 101 just after the 880 interchange. chp reports nothing going on there, but the partners do say there's a multiple car accident in the center divide. that may be what's causing all the distax likely just as the volume of traffic is getting a bump up between 6:15 and 6:30 through this area.
6:23 am
overall, the speeds are holding up, except for north of 880. moving further north on 880, you just showed live pictures of the refinery fire in newark. here's a live picture where we are looking at the sig alert that's going on for southbound 880 going to southbound 238. you can see tall lanes, three lanes are funneling down to one. we are seeing a little slowing off 880. i'll give you more details on that coming up. there's a live shot. consider lewelling over to 880. back to you. a busy morning out there. we'll keep you posted. 6:23 right now. san jose city may give a shorter leash to dog owners when they walk their pets. the city council is expected to approve a measure later tonight to reduce the current 20-foot leash law down to 6 feet on city trails and sidewalks. this comes after a woman was walking alongside a dog owner and got her feet tangled with a leash. she fell bumping her head on the ground and later died the next
6:24 am
day from brain swelling. reportedly that dog owner was riding a bike while trying to walk the dog. now, a deadly super bough is showing up in southern california. the los angeles department of health reports more than 350 cases of the infection called crkp for short. only one antibiotic is affective against that bacteria, but it doesn't always work and can cause kidney damage. doctors don't know how many people have died from the infection. they don't know why so many cases are popping up in l.a. county. well, honk if you want to stop your car. volkswagon says that's actually a problem with 71,000 of its 2011 jettas. here's a promo photo of the car in question parked under the bay bridge. volkswagon says it is a wiring problem that could cause the car's engine to shut down when the horn is used. they are not away of any accidents caused by the problem
6:25 am
but they want to let you know about the recall. scott, one time i had a car that every time i will your honor turned left the horn would honk. so i just started waving to people. >> i had one, a little old car, where i had to reach around and grab the windshield wiper and start doing this. when you are poor you'll do just about anything. >> it will get you think. well, speaking of ways to change your financial situation, jack dorsey is back at twitter. the guy who originally came up with the idea for twitter is returning to the company. he was seen on a recent episode of "press here." he returns as twitter trying to figure out how to go from a popular service to one that makes money. dorsey was the original ceo and has been a board member of twitter all along. he's the ceo of a small company called square as well. his new title this morning, executive chairman. mark zuckerburg doesn't live with his parents according to a judge in new york state.
6:26 am
why do you care? a fella on the east coast was suing the found ore of facebook and wanted to sue in new york court. he tried to convince the judge that he was still a resident of the empire state at his participants' home. not a resident of california. the judge said, forget it, zuckerberg is from california. just hours after apple set a date for the worldwide developers conference, it sold out all the tickets. june 6 is d-day or iphone day, at least we think so. traditionally they have introduced new iphones at worldwide developers conference. so we would expect therefore we are on iphone5 watch coming up in june. >> we'll see what december will bring. well, straighten up your tie, scott. coming up on "today in the bay," super model nicki taylor is stopping by our studios. find out why she's in the bay area. plus, all the rain we have been getting, well, it is about to end california's drought. find out when that will officially be over.
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and it could be another damaging day for barry bonds as the prosecution gets ready to call a few major league names to the stand. i'm marla tellez. i'll tell you what to expect coming up in my live report. and expect updates on this breaking news in newark this morning. a refinery fire, a sulfuric acid explosion hareve more.d far. we'll have more. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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coming up on "today in the bay," we are following breaking news in newark this morning where the fire department is on the scene of an explosion at a refinery. we'll have the very latest. plus, local reservoirs are full creating good news and bad news. and day six of the barry bonds perjury trial gets underway in just a couple of hours. good morning, i'm marla tellez.
6:30 am
i'll tell you which major league players will take the stand today for the prosecution coming up. we have breaking news we are following this morning. live pictures out of newark out of a refinery fire. this is happening at the evergreen oil refinery on smith avenue in newark. the fire department says the fire is two alarms so far. they have at least 13 crews on the scene. this is because a sulfuric acid tank exploded injuring at least one person that we know so far. this is the same refinery that had a three-alarm fire there in may. we'll, of course, continue to follow the developments surrounding this morning's explosion in newark. we have a crew headed there on the ground as well to bring you additional pictures and information. we'll bring that information to you as it becomes available to us. it is 6:30 right now. good morning. thank you so much for joining us this morning. brent is off today. scott will rejoin me in a moment.
6:31 am
i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll take a look at the forecast for today with christina. >> good morning to you. i like to be the one to bring the good news every once in a while. and we have some for you. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. mostly sunny. inland temperatures reaching the 70s at the coast. we are talking about the upper 60s. high pressure continues to gain strength. we'll let you know what that means for tomorrow and the warmest day of the week, but right now it is already busy out there on the roadways. mike, what do you have for us? i have more cars heading onto the roadway, christina. this is a deceptive map, it looks relatively clear, but the metering lights are on the bay bridge. they just turned on a few moments ago. the backup quickly forming here. it is a tuesday, so a lot of cars on the roadway. that's going to mean more folks heading in here down to the cig eight alert that's been brewing since 2:30 when the accident happened. this is a live shot at the interchange between southbound 880 and southbound 238. on the route to the right, folks are getting out of san leandro on to washington avenue onto the freeway. the on-ramp is blocked coming to
6:32 am
southbound 880 through the same area. just use lewelling off 880 for the time being. the backup is building here on the map. we'll bring you more in a few minutes. today the prosecution in the barry bonds perjury trial welcomes a few major league names to stand. day six follows yesterday's very personal testimony from bonds' ex-girlfriend. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live at the san francisco federal courthouse where some of the major league names will be arriving very soon. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning, laura. usually barry bonds arrives here at the federal courthouse shortly after 8:00. well, today he's not the only former heavy hitter who will be showing up here. brothers jason and jeremy giambi as well as retiree randy vallardi are expected to take the stand today for the prosecution as it continues its quest to prove bonds lied to a federal grand jury in 2003 when he said he never knowingly took
6:33 am
steroids. now all three ballplayers have played for the oakland a's at one time or another and all have been linked to steroids. jason giambi admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs and publicly apologized for it. today all three are going to say they received drugs from bonds' trainer greg anderson. anderson is in jail for refusing to testify last week. yesterday some argue a very damaging day for bonds as his former mistress took the stand and went into graphic detail about changes to his body and behavior during their almost ten-year relationship. kimberly bell also said bonds admitted to her he was using steroids. at times bell became emotional on the stand, but one legal analyst said she held her own. >> i'll say one thing for her, she didn't crack. >> reporter: also expected to be
6:34 am
called today, a quest diagnostics laboratory representative to talk about one of bonds' urine samples he gave back in 2003. and former san francisco giants head trainer stan conte is expected to testify today. court gets underway at 8:30 this morning. we, of course, will have a crew inside to cover today's proceedings. >> thank you very much, marla. a very grave situation in japan this morning. officials say highly toxic plutonium is seeping out of japan's damaged nuclear power plant and into the atmosphere. plutonium has been detected in small amounts outside of that plant. as of right now the japanese officials say people are not at risk, but plutonium is one of the most deadly substances known to man. crews still working this morning to pump radioactive water out of the plant as well. an east bay community is looking at ways to increase awareness on the dangers of flood canals. the contra costa county flood control district will hold a
6:35 am
meeting at 6:30 tonight in the downtown walnut creek library. it wants to reach out to the community on developing safety and awareness of its 73-mile canal system. you may recall two teenagers drowned in february while trying to draft a rain-swollen creek. some east bay homeowners are asking who will pay to the damage to the homes after a recent landslide. the homeowners will talk to city leaders tonight at san pablo city hall. one official says they don't have the money to pay for all the repairs which could run into the thousands of dollars. the recent storms last week loosened soil near six homes in the san pablo hillside. three structures yellow tagged limiting access to the home. the santa cruz board of supervisors is meeting tonight to vote on a measure declaring a local state of emergency. it is going to ask governor jerry brown to issue a state of emergency for santa cruz county. supervisors seeking aid for damages caused by heavy rain and
6:36 am
landslides. capitola, one of the hardest hits with business owners sustaining major flood damage. with all the rain you probably know the drought is over, but governor jerry brown will formally rescind the state's drought emergency designation tomorrow. that is also when we'll find out exactly how deep the sierra snow pack is. in santa clara county all ten reservoirs combined are 77% full. 10% more than the level considered safe by state dam officials. they are concerned the dams are not strong enough to withstand an earthquake. the santa clara water district is lowering water levels as quickly as possible. meanwhile, we have a lot of sunshine out there. no more rain. in fact, really warm weather ahead, christina? >> we are talking about barbecue weather, as a matter of fact. throw an extra shrimp on the barbie for us, will ya? high pressure is building in taking the entire storm track into the pacific west, but it is bringing about a bit of a change for us. the storm track, which is right
6:37 am
now bull's-eyeing washington and oregon, you can see we have clouds coming into the bay area. well, it is kinds of spilling some clouds through the dirty ridge of high pressure we. we call it is a dirty ridge with the high cirrus clouds filtering through. today we are talking about filtered sunshine, but we have a system of low pressure here to our north. and high pressure is building in. as a result, a tight pressure gradient. and windy conditions an 'tis put aed in some cities later today. we are watching for pretty gusty wnds this evening. same setup as yesterday when we pick up the daytime heating and the winds start to drive in. high pressure will be right over us heading through the midsection of this week, wednesday into thursday. we are talking about temperatures in the 90-degree range all across the bay area. temperatures will be in record territory. i do think that some cities will actually end up in the 90s. mostly sunny inland today. we are talking about the 70s. at the coast, these numbers right now in the 40s will turn over to the mid-60s. a pretty comfortable day on tap. at noon you are rolling down
6:38 am
your window a bit to get some fresh air. 60 degrees. it will be a little toasty in your car today. then we'll end up in the 70s and upper 60s. so it is getting warm around here. that's not just because super model niki taylor is joining us soon. it is because it is really getting warm up here. over to you, mike. well, from niki taylor to mike. we have livermore, there you go. a wonderful wine valley. we are looking at a nice 22-minute drive. no major issues but a lot slower into livermore towards the castro valley. the buildup is starting to happen here, but we are not seeing it yet on the maps with speeds above 50 miles per hour. we are focusing on southbound 880 northbound 238. a live look out there shows you that we have a huge backup as folks jam up right at the interchange. washington avenue on-ramp from the right there getting off southbound 880. that street will be crowded over the texas hour. this is expected to last until
6:39 am
9:00 a.m. as they reprayer the guardrail. a live look shows the newark fire there along with the maps showing fire. no slowing past the vicinity and the south bay getting better for northbound 880 past the earlier accident. i'll show you the bay bridge coming up in our next report. back to you. thank you very much. we continue to follow breaking news from newark this morning where the fire department is at the scene of a refinery fire. it is happening at the evergreen oil refinery on smith avenue in newark. the fire department says that the fire is about two alarms with 13 struck trucks there at the scene. a sulfuric acid tank explodes injuring one person. this is the same refinery that had a three-alarm fire last may where 60 firefighters knocked down a fire in the refinery's heater stack back then. we'll continue to follow this developing news this morning chblgt we actually have bob redell on the scene gathering information. we'll check in with him as soon as we can. meanwhile, it is 6:3 39. donald trump wanted to challenge
6:40 am
president obama but he made a mistake. we'll show you that. and super model niki taylor is here with us this morning. before she hands over a big check to a bay area city. and president obama is trying to clear up the reason behind the air strikes in libya. did he do it? we'll ve a live report from ha washington next.
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6:42 am
6:43 am
6:42 right now. we did what we said we would do. that was the quote last night from president obama who told america we are backing out of the lead in libya while continuing to press moammar gadhafi to step down. tracie potts is live with what he told the country and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today we are hearing that same theme, some of the same comments from secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. she is in london meeting with a number of nations at a conference talking about how to deal with gadhafi and how to get him out of power in libya. she said in her opening comments that we need to pressure and isolate his government. the president following up from what the president said last night that military action is not an option. not the way to get gadhafi out of power. not what we should be doing. but he did justify why we took action in libya saying that he refused to wait for images of slaughter and mass graves before doing something on a
6:44 am
humanitarian basis there in backing up that nato action. nato will now be in charge as of tomorrow, but this military action is still going to cost us. new numbers today from the pentagon show we have already spent $550 million in libya. most of that money for things like missiles. after nato takes control tomorrow we'll be spending $40 million a day. live from capitol hill, tracie potts for "today in the bay." the san francisco 49ers, meanwhile, and the city of san francisco have come to an agreement this morning. the board of supervisors approved a settlement in a dispute that the 9ers filed last summer complaining that the city should take better care of the stadium. the settlement calls for the city to pay the 49ers $3 million for repairs to the stadium within 60 days. the city will also grant the team $9 million in rent credits and reductions over the next five years. well, it is getting so
6:45 am
close. the giants and the a's will kickoff the regular season in just days. we know this because the bay bridge series is underway. the second game of the series will be at the coliseum tonight. things got underway at at&t park last night. the giants won 4-3. one more game at at&t park tomorrow night. then the giants head to l.a. for friday's season opener. the a's will welcome the mariners for their home opener as well. well, well, well, here we go. we are joined by super model niki taylor this morning. just as beautiful in person as she is on all the beautiful prints she has taken. she's in the bay area today to present san francisco with a big check. thank you so much for joining us. there's only one thing i up you on, i have triplets and you have twins. >> i just asked you, you look amazing. oh, my goodness. i'm praying for you. >> hey, you are making a big donation today.
6:46 am
tell us about it. >> yes. this is the we hear you america campaign. and we just want to let everybody know that readers digest is listening to america. and it is a grass roots campaign that has been traveling from january until may. and it is all about giving back to the people. and we are offering financial and promotional support. >> wow, that's great. >> to communities that have been hit by the economics, excuse me, tough financial times. >> we have tough financial times going on right now. you are making a check to -- it was going to be mayor ed lee in san francisco. >> yes, in san francisco. some of the wants and needs for san francisco, the people have spoke. they want more greenery around town. there's a lot of concrete. and a lot of brown patches that they would love to see some green put in there as well as homeless shelters. especially for our youth because there's a lot of --
6:47 am
>> unfortunately, we have seen a lot of them on the streets. you are making a big difference there. now, here on nbc you had a stint on celebrity apen tris. >> i can't believe trump would say "you're fired." >> you know what, it was amazing. a great experience. >> was it fun? >> it was. it was. you know, it is "celebrity apentis." it was good tv. >> dionne warwick gave you a hard time here. >> yeah, but that's dionne. >> that had to be a lot of fun. uh-oh. >> i'm mike. can i catch you later if that's cool? >> absolutely. >> i want to tell your viewers, too, go to now until may 16th they can cheer for their town. tell us what your town needs are and just cheer for your town. we would love to come and make a
6:48 am
difference. >> that can make a big difference for a lot of people. it isnitis nice to see you get involved with a lot of people. you are busy, you have a little by bay, 2 she is 2. >> it was a delight meeting you. you are making a big difference in giving back. that's great to see. thank you. we flipped a coin on this, i want to see the coin. meanwhile, her old boss, donald trump, is trying to make a point showing off what he said was his birth certificate and demanded that president obama do the same. trump is trying to turn into a birther. turns out this certificate we are seeing is not a birth certificate from the state of new york. it is that piece of paper you get from the hospital when you are born. so trump blowing his own birth certificate there. trump says he wants to run for president in 2012 but has not officially declared himself in the race.
6:49 am
wow, what a great morning. niki taylor is beautifying the city of san francisco. you can't beat that. and the weather is perfect for ms. taylor's visit. seven miles of visibility in santo rosa. ten miles along the peninsula. watch out for dense fog developing up in the north bay, but overall we are looking to a beautiful day across the bay area. temperatures that we haven't had in the 70s for months. you are going to enjoy that today. building breeze today. you'll see that pick up throughout the afternoon. then the warming trend really kicks into high gear wednesday into thursday. we'll be in a record territory, even friday. we are calling it barbecue weather. as you can see here, high pressure is firmly in control. clouds are arcing up and around a strong ridge of high pressure. we will see a few more clouds come into the mix today than we saw yesterday. as we do see a system of low pressure off to the north. what will happen throughout the next few days is high pressure sets up shop right over the bay area.
6:50 am
that will drive the offshore warm winds. that means our temperatures, which will be in the 70s to upper 60s today, will climb into the mid-80s. probably some 90s on thursday. 45 in oakland and sunny veil. same for santa cruz. turning to the upper 50s later on. i think at noon you are peeling off a layer with temperatures in the 60s in the south bay. and then we'll round out the day, our highs usually come in at 3:00 or 4:00. 69 degrees in oakland today. 71 in los gatos. 71 in santa cruz with filtered sunshine. here it is. everybody wants to see the seven-day forecast this week. 80 degrees on friday. 74 on saturday. a few more clouds come into the mix on sunday and into monday. the system of low pressure is trying to make its way into the bay area, but that stubborn ridge won't let it. i think we'll drop in temperature a little bit to see more cloud cover this weekend. back to you, scott. christina, we continue our coverage of breaking news. the newark fire department at the scene of a refinery fire at the evergreen oil refinery on
6:51 am
smith avenue in newark. the fire department says it is a two-alarm fire and has 13 trucks at the scene. bob redell is live at the scene as well. bob, there was a sulfuric acid explosion, but if you are there i'm guessing there's no shelter order. i think our viewers are having the same trouble, bob, hearing you. can you go ahead and double check your mike and we'll come back to you. go ahead, bob, if you are hearing us. we are not hearing of any sort soft shelter order. we checked the websites. bob just came back. go ahead, bob. >> reporter: we are being kept several blocks away from the evergreen oil refinery here in nourk newark as well as the public is. down the road you can see where the activity is. it was around 5:30 this morning, i just got done speaking with an engineer from the plant and from alameda county's fire
6:52 am
department, they were doing some sort of routine procedure. what it was they wouldn't specify, but they believe there was some sort of equipment failure that caused a fire. as a result of that, the fire burned through a sulfuric acid tank. that's the spill you are referring to. right now the fire is down and as hazmat is here. they have the acid contained. no need for a shelter in place because it is contained. there's no danger to anyone in the immediate vicinity. nonetheless, because this is still active in terms of them doing the mop-up and trying to do the cleanup, they are not letting anyone down there. that includes the people who would be waiting for the shift change to go down to evergreen oil and the companies nearby across the street. the question now is what caused this fire, their initial impress was equipment failure, but they don't know.
6:53 am
one person was hurt. it is not a life-threatening injury. it was a man apparently hurt in the arm and taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. and they say that all the other workers are accounted for. so the bottom line is the evergreen oil refinery here in newark, that fire is out. and that acid spill has been contained. they say there's no danger to the surrounding community. reporting live here in newark, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. we'll be back in just a moment. saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ have a good daisy
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♪ have a good daisy welcome back, folks. 6:55. just checking the time and the commute. we have a nice flow of traffic through the maze. minor slowing down the east shore freeway. and the metering lights are on. here's the slow build at the toll plaza. the bay bridge life shot shows
6:56 am
half the parking lot full right now. that's fluctuating for the fast track lanes. it is very light for a tuesday. we are following 880 throwing flowing south here of the coliseum. the second in the giants' series is happening tonight. we have the headlights heading down to our sigalert that continues for southbound 880 on to 238. that will continue possibly until 9:00 a.m. we'll get a live look out there. our chopper is headed to the scene. one lane is blocked just after the folks from washington avenue merged with the folks off southbound 880 getting on to southbound 238. everybody goes down to one lane. wow, that was a nice move there. that's the backup forming. it is affecting 880 and will cause a buildup to continue coming through san leandro. we have a truck approaching the area they will keep in the area for the next couple of hours. they have to do guardrail repair. use lewelling as your alternate.
6:57 am
back to you. thank you very much. 6:56 right now. we want to check in with scott mcgrew. we are talking ipad this morning. >> president obama has an ipad. he have was at a town hall last night and someone asked him if he had tech gadgets. he said, of course, he has an ipad. he said, quote, i am the president of the united states. you think i've got to go borrow somebody's computer? hey, man, can i borrow your commuter? how about you? you got one? there you go. we are also hearing that aid radio shack will start carrying the ipad2. we have also have bad news in home prices. we'll talk about it during the "today" show. we are also keeping tabs on breaking news we are following out of newark this morning. an explosion at an oil refinery there. we'll have the very latest coming up in a live report at
6:58 am
7:25 this morning. have a great morning. thank you so much for joining us. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover. i know it's sort of my weakness. i always keep it in the house. well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, and mmm key lime pie. yeah, i've already lost some weight. [ female announcer ] yoplait light -- over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories. babe, what are you doing?! ♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. paul ?
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